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HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. is located in Economic Development Zone of Lingxian County, Shandong province --- the China Geosynthetic Material Production Base. Formerly known as Shandong HongXiang Chemical Fiber Group Co., LTD., which was established in June 1987. HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. is the leading enterprise which professional in the geosynthetics. HONGXIANG products are mainly including: Needle Punched Geotextile, Geomembrane, Geogrid, Geocell, Three-Dimensional Geomat, Three-tier Co-extrusion Blown Geomembrane, Dripping Geomembrane, Thermal Composite Geomembrane, Single And Double Textured Waterproof Board, Composite Drainage Board, Three-Dimensional Drainage Board, Woven Geotextile, Nutrition Geotextile, Geofabriform, Engineering Fiber, Rubber Water-sealing series products, Geocomposite Drainage Systems, Corrugated Pipe, Soft Permeable Tube, Rubber Track Drive series products, Split Yarn etc. total 56 types of products.

HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. is the Standing Director Unit of China Association of Geosynthetics, Membership of the China Association of Geotechnical Textile Composite Material,Deputy Director Unit of China Drainage Defence Professional Committee, Deputy Chairman Unit of Industrial Textile Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, former State Economic and Trade Committee designated geosynthetics production enterprise, High-tech enterprises of Shandong province, National class promise-keeping and good creditworthiness enterprise, has won the National outstanding water conservancy enterprise, China high-tech industry pioneer enterprises, Advanced enterprises of Shandong province, National class enterprise credit evaluation AAA credit enterprise etc. honors, the products have won the National Quality Conformity Assessment User Satisfaction Ten Best Famous Brand, China Famous Geotechnical Material Top Ten Brand, Shandong Famous Brand, China High-tech Industry Pioneer Brand, China Well-known Trademark, etc. honors. HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. has 15 patents of invention and utility model patents, scientific and technological achievements above the provincial level, has a provincial level enterprise technology center and provincial level geosynthetic test center, also is the main drafting unit for the national standard including Short Fiber Needle Punched Geotextile, Nonwoven Composite Geomembrane, and Sodium Based Waterproof Liner total three publications.  

The equipment of HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. are mainly imported from Germany, Italy, Canada, France and other well-known domestic enterprises, it has one full set of precise testing instrument, testing equipment and quality inspection team, technology Research & Development team. In peer companies in the country, HongXiang New Geo-Material Co., LTD. is the first company passed the ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification, the National Industrial Products Production License, National Coal Mine Safety Brand Certification, CE certification, China Railway Products CRCC Certification, Occupational Health And Safety Management System Certification, Environmental Protection Engineering Qualification Level Three, Construction Industry Special Professional Engineering Qualifications, Safety Production License, etc.

HONGXIANG products are widely used in national key engineering fields, such as water conservancy, railway, subway, highway, landfill, anti-seepage, construction industry, mining industry, agriculture, ecological greening system, etc. engineering fields, and exported to United States, Russia, Pakistan, Thailand, Tanzania, Australia, South Africa, Zambia, United Arab Emirates etc. more than 20 countries and regions.

Domestic largest production base of geosynthetic material --- HongXiang Industrial Park, is a high standard, high quality, modern geosynthetic material manufacturing place, in accordance with the big industry, high standard, high quality industry plan, to make the geosynthetic industry bigger, stronger and more precise, leading the domestic and world geosynthetic material industry forge ahead.

Geosynthetic clay liner Concrete protection mat (GCL)

 -geosynthetic clay liners ,lake mat ,GCL waterproof material

Geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are high performance needle punched environmental reinforced composites which combine two durable geotextile outer layers with a uniform core of natural sodium bentonite clay to form a hydraulic barrier. Fibers from the non-woven geotextile are needle punched through the layer of bentonite and incorporated into the other geotextile (either a woven or non-woven).when hydrated under a confining load, the bentonite swells to form a low permeability clay layer with the equivalent hydraulic protection of several feet of compacted clay.

It is used to prevent water leakages in areas of artificial lakes, waste disposal fields, underground garage, top building gardens, reservoirs, oil warehouses, and chemicals accumulating fields.

1. Improved leakage performance
2. Permanent waterproof performance
3. Simple construction and short time limit for a project.
4. Not influenced by air temperature.
5. A kind of green material and good to environmental protection.
6. More versatile than compacted clay
7. Increased airspace and liner efficiency

Technical Data:
Width: 5.6m
Length: 30m
Weight per Unit ≥ 5000g/m²
Weigh of Bentonite per Unit ≥ 4500g/ m²
Permeability Coefficient ≤ 5×e-11m/sec
Swell Index ≥ 24ml/2g